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  2. Overheard at a Food Emporium in the UES

    1. Old Lady #1, pointing to the NY Post: Who is this guy? I've never heard of him!
    2. Older Lady #2: He's a putz! A nobody!
    3. Crabby Old Lady #1: Look at this article! They wrote a book about him! He must be somebody if he can afford an apartment in this city.
    4. Much Older Crabby Lady #2: Not if he spent it on drugs! He's an idiot!
    5. Two talking fossils on Philip Seymour Hoffman.
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  4. I <3 Chinatown.


  5. "Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshipinng."
    — Hubert Reeves (via veganarchy-punx)

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  6. The Death Star is near completion…

  7. wandrlust:

    New York Subway, 1981 — Christopher Morris

    Me, commuting to work in 1981, maybe: “Hope it doesn’t rain, cause then I have to carry an umbrella and a baseball bat.”

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  8. Classical paintings, animated. Mesmerizingly beautiful, then wicked creepy by the second half.


  10. "At the Atomic Energy Commission, the fallout pattern from the Bravo test was superimposed on a map of the northeastern United States, with Washington, D.C., as ground zero. According to the map, if a similar 15-megaton groundburst hit the nation’s capital, everyone in Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia could receive a fatal dose of radioactivity. Residents of New York City might be exposed to 500 roentgens, enough to kill more than half of them. People as far north as Boston or even the Canadian border might suffer from radiation poisoning."

    Reading Eric Schlosser’s Command and Control, and kinda terrified, yet fascinated. That was one bomb. We have about 6,800.


  11. My work companion! (at Russell Sage Foundation)

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  13. I used to have a recurring dream that I’m somehow back in high school as a twenty-something, and I have a decades worth of work due in a week.

    One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to once school is over is the erasure of a deadline looming over my head, at least one apart from work that I have to entertain at the expense of my free time. Just at this moment, biting away at my peace of mind is a term paper due in a week (of which I have near next to no clue what to write about), another due in two, classes for next semester I have to choose by the end of the month, thesis topics, summer internships, and on and on. My Google calendar looks like a form of modern art almost, all the little colored squares and rectangles overlapping each other from 9 to 9 every week. And I don’t even do that much.

    One of the biggest freedoms in the world of work is to actually get to enjoy the fact that it’s Friday, without already worrying about what you need to do on Monday.

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  15. more old drafts!

    A snippet from my ever so short dating life:

    I no longer think i got dumped in the friend zone, i know i did.

    Sean was my number one prospect on okcupid. online, it seemed that we had a ton in common and that i could talk to him forever about anything. it is probably dangerous that i can feel this way after only a few emails back and forth.

    we agreed to meet for dinner and a real life chat, and that was great, but i felt like a heel because i never mustered enough courage to kiss him goodbye. so the second time, i was determined. i wanted to make it perfect.

    we had decided to hang out around his apartment in brooklyn, and that i would stay overnight. apparently this has a different meaning to me than it does to him. we go for pizza, and then back to play some board games. this continues until 1 in the morning. afterward, we go to bed, and i do kiss him. and it is very clear that i want to do much more than that, but he isn’t into it. i’m doing all the work, and i sense this near instantly. eventually he says i’m moving too fast. instead we get to talking until 4.

    we get up at 11, eat some breakfast, then go to the village and walk around for an hour searching for something to eat for lunch. this is at dojo, a sort of japanese fusion place that is super cheap. afterward we head off to see salt, then we get some ice cream.